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Fix unconfirmed, stuck Bitcoin (BTC) transactions with CoinSurge's FREE Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator. Or try the CONFIRM+ Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator for faster results.

Platform FAQ

Need to check something before using our service? Please see the FAQ list below.
What does this do?
CoinSurge increases the possibility of getting confirmations on stuck Bitcoin (BTC) transactions that are delayed due to a low fee amount below the recommended transaction fee. We offer a free service in addition to the faster CONFIRM+ service which requires a donation.
How do I find my TXID?
Your Transaction ID (TXID for short), is a 64 character alpha-numerical string and can be found by searching the relevant Bitcoin address for your transaction on Please click here to see an example.
Why is "Verify me" is not working?
Our free service is supported by "proof of work" every time to want to submit a new TXID for acceleration. Your Adblocker, Antivirus or Firewall may prevent this or show a warning so please add an exception for*
Do you limit the number of transactions?
Yes. There is a set limit of 20 per hour for our free service. It is very popular so if you received an error message, please try again during the first few minutes of the next hour or use the CONFIRM+ service which does not have any hourly limits but does require a donation to process. Our standard offline hours are between 15:00 - 03:00 UTC daily.
Is there a minimum transaction fee?
Yes. Both our free and CONFIRM+ services support transaction fees above 10 sat/B. For lower transaction fees you could try to manually rebroadcast the transaction if it has dropped from the mempool or try 'Child Pays For Parent' or 'Replace By Fee'.
When will I receive confirmations?
Most free accelerations with CoinSurge receive confirmations within a 24 hours but this is dependent on factors including our current queue, the TX size, fee amount and mempool size. Please use the CONFIRM+ service for faster results and maximum priority on your transaction.
What are 'Unconfirmed Inputs'?
If your transaction has Unconfirmed Inputs this means that there is a chain of one or more previous transactions that need to confirm first before your transaction will confirm. The good news is we can assist you with confirming such transactions for a customised fee. Please email us at with the details and we can quote you directly. Please note that the minimum fee for such requests is 0.005 BTC.
How can I get confirmed faster?
Our CONFIRM+ service offers a faster and more effective way to get your Bitcoin transaction confirmed. When using CONFIRM+ please ensure you use the recommended transaction fee for your donation to us.
How fast is the CONFIRM+ service?
Your CONFIRM+ request will be prioritised with a 75% probability of receiving confirmations within 1-3 hours (90% within 4 hours) but this depends on factors including the TX size, fee amount and mempool size. In very rare cases, if you still have no confirmations after 12 hours we would be pleased to offer you a refund (minus transaction fee) - please reply to your confirmation email or email us at quoting your donation send address and TXID.
Do you accept tips?
Yes, and as a new service we greatly appreciate any donation you can spare to our Bitcoin Address. Any donation you can afford can help make our bitcoin transaction accelerator become faster and more effective in the future.